Corporate, Partnership, Estate and Gift Taxation 2022

James W. Pratt University of Houston
William N. Kulsrud Indiana University
Hughlene Burton University of North Carolina at Charlotte 
ISBN-13: 978-1-64565-029-4

1,048 Pages; Hardcover Book

Includes TaxActTM Software Download and Electronic Homework

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Whats New

  • New to This Edition Electronic Homework!

Selected end of chapter problems are now available in e-format. Benefits include:

  • All problems are associated with in-text learning objectives making it easy to assess students’ knowledge of specific content
  • Problems are automatically graded and scores can be integrated into an LMS gradebook

If you plan on using the electronic homework, please contact A representative will be in contact with you about setting up your access to the online homework and integration into your LMS. If you plan on an LMS integration, reach out to your LMS contact as soon as possible about the submission process for external integrations at your school. We need to allow for ample time for this process. We will work directly with your LMS team and will provide you with detailed instructions that you will be able to share with your students and instructors.

  • The latest updates throughout this edition reflect today’s most recent tax laws and changes. Up-to-the-minute updates through the text’s presentation and supplements demonstrate the most recent changes in tax legislation and indexing of statutory amounts at the time of publication, making this revision as accurate and current as possible.
  • New and revised problems throughout the text and in the test questions reflect today’s latest tax challenges. At least 20-30 percent of the problem materials in the text and test items throughout this edition’s Test Bank are new or significantly revised to reflect the latest tax developments.
  • Revised learning objectives offer more specific, tangible learning outcomes. Throughout this edition, stronger, revised Learning Objectives more effectively reflect more specific, tangible, and testable learning outcomes to ensure your students’ success.
  • Further emphasis on tax planning guides students in evaluating tax options. This edition provides additional focus on tax planning to better equip students in analyzing financial situations and plans from a tax perspective.