Individual Taxation 2022

James W. Pratt University of Houston
William N. Kulsrud Indiana University
Hughlene Burton University of North Carolina at Charlotte
ISBN-13: 978-1-64565-031-7

1,240 Pages; Hardcover Book

Includes TaxActTM Software Download and Electronic Homework

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  • Trusted annual updates throughout the entire Pratt-Kulsrud 2022 Tax Series reflect the latest, most important developments from the previous year. 

Use the 2022 Tax Series with complete confidence that your course incorporates the most timely tax and business developments, including all updates to Internal Revenue laws, legislation, judicial decisions and administrative pronouncements by the Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service.

  • New to This Edition Electronic Homework!

Selected end of chapter problems are now available in e-format. Benefits include:

  • All problems are associated with in-text learning objectives making it easy to assess students’ knowledge of specific content
  • Problems are automatically graded and scores can be integrated into an LMS gradebook

If you plan on using the electronic homework, please contact A representative will be in contact with you about setting up your access to the online homework and integration into your LMS. If you plan on an LMS integration, reach out to your LMS contact as soon as possible about the submission process for external integrations at your school. We need to allow for ample time for this process. We will work directly with your LMS team and will provide you with detailed instructions that you will be able to share with your students and instructors.

  • Coverage reflects the continuing impact of recent acts. 
  • The latest legislative updates affecting individual taxpayers keep your course up to date. 
  • All problems and examples reflect the most recent tax developments.

Updates and revisions to this edition's tax return problems, test bank problems and tax return examples incorporate today's most recent tax legislation.

  • Learning objectives at the beginning of all chapters focus attention on key material. 

This helpful summary of key points begins each chapter to draw student attention to the most critical topics in the chapter and summarize what students should understand after completing the chapter. Margin notes further focus attention on where the Objectives appear in the text presentation.

  • TaxAct Desktop Software download accompanies each new text. 

One of today's most popular tax preparation software choices, TaxAct is available with each new copy of this edition and provides an ideal tool for guiding users through the tax return process with a dependable, user-friendly approach.

  • Proven problem materials gauge comprehension. 

A variety of assessment tools at the end of each chapter check student understanding. These assessment tools include discussion questions and computational problems as well as tax-return problems that highlight topics discussed in the chapter.

  • Quick References for Form 1040 Topics

We also have a tool that both instructors and students should like, our Quick References for Form 1040. Immediately preceding the inside back cover, you will find a Form 1040. For each line, we have inserted a page number in the text where the item for this line is discussed. These references should help instructors find where we cover various topics and help students understand how a particular topic translates to the form in addition to aiding  them when preparing tax return problems.

  • “You make the call” Features help refine sound reasoning and decision making skills.

Challenging, hypothetical situations throughout this edition encourage students to practice strong reasoning and discerning judgment as they resolve practical tax examples

  • Data Analytics Case 

​​If you’d like to introduce your students to data analytics through a case study, Van-Griner Learning offers a complimentary case when bundled with print copies of Individual Taxation or Federal Taxation by Pratt & Kulsrud.  Tax Reform: A Case Using Data Analytics (Sawyers, Dow, Jones, ISBN 978-1-61740-783-3) requires your students to interact with a United States government data set to understand how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA) has impacted constituents depending on their zip codes. This case could be assigned during or after Chapter 11 (Itemized Deductions) in Individual Taxation or Federal Taxation. The case will take students approximately 2.5–3 hours to complete, and it comes with teaching notes and excel-based solutions for faculty. For more details about the case, please visit

  • “Check your knowledge” Questions ensure student grasp critical topics. 

This wealth of objective and short-answer review questions throughout this addition review the book’s key concepts to confirm that students thoroughly understand the most important aspects of each tax topic.